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Business Insurance Solutions

Bell-Anderson Insurance has built a solid reputation in providing business insurance solutions by continually seeking new, challenging risk management opportunities. Our ability to handle unique or niched liability needs has provided us with a wide range of experience serving clients that are varied in market, industry, service and product.

Bell Anderson Insurance


Protect your business from unnecessary risk with a variety of tools such as surety bonds, fiduciary bonds, or other contract and licensing services.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Business Owner Policy Insurance

At Bell-Anderson Insurance, we’re committed to providing insurance solutions that keep small to medium-sized businesses protected.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance

Bell-Anderson Insurance understands the value of your commercial vehicles and the employees who drive them.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Commercial General Liability Insurance

At Bell-Anderson Insurance, we can help you create a policy that is designed to safeguard the best interests of your business - so you can focus on serving your customers and increasing your profits.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Coverage for Your Employees

At Bell-Anderson Insurance, we understand that quality coverage options for your employees will ensure that your business attracts and maintains the best workers.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Commercial Umbrella

A Commercial Umbrella policy will provide your business with additional coverage should a lawsuit or major accident exceed the limits of your existing, or underlying.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Crime Insurance

Prevent crime and employee dishonesty from disrupting your business with a specialized policy to safeguard your assets.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Cyber Liability Insurance

At Bell-Anderson Insurance, we know the risks businesses face when it comes to a data breach and can provide the comprehensive coverage needed for security.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Farm Insurance

At Bell-Anderson Insurance, we are dedicated to providing the agricultural coverage and services you need to keep your farm or ranch protected – so you can focus on maintaining a smooth operation.

Fidelity Bonds

Keep your business safeguarded from theft and dishonesty as a result of an employee's actions with a Fidelity Bond.

Bell Anderson Insurance

General Management Insurance

The Bell-Anderson Insurance team provides general management insurance utilizing an extensive network of resources backed by local service.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Inland Marine Insurance

With Inland Marine coverage, you can avoid damages sustained in the event of accidents, theft, vandalism, or total loss.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Loss Control

Bell-Anderson Insurance offers loss control as part of its business insurance offerings to reduce the possibility of a loss and reduce the severity if a loss does occur.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Professional Liability

Preserve your business' finances against legal claims made in the event of minor or serious mistakes or errors.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Property Insurance

With a custom Property Insurance policy from Bell-Anderson Insurance, you can ensure that the building itself and the personal property of your business is protected from minor accidents or a major financial loss.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Risk Management

Risk management assistance includes the evaluation of risks and related losses specific to your business.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Surety Bonds

Our Surety Bond services include writing agreements that guarantee the party requesting the bond that your business will uphold its obligations.

Bell Anderson Insurance

Workers' Compensation Insurance

But should an accident happen, having the right Workers' Compensation plan from Bell-Anderson Insurance can allow your business to ensure payments and cover expenses if an employee is injured from a work-related accident.

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