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Which Flood Insurance Policy Is Right For You?

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Have any conversation with someone who lives outside the Pacific Northwest and they’ll likely bring up how much it must rain here. And typical to Northwest residents, we automatically recite that the rain “isn’t as common as you think” before rattling of a list of cities that accrue more rain per year. Bad news guys – it does rain a lot here. It’s raining right now as I type this –and it rained yesterday, and it will probably rain tomorrow. Now, it is that time of year where rain and all its cousins (drizzle, showers, sprinkles, sleet, and the rest of the gang) all like to make their presence known, so maybe I’m being a bit dramatic. However, mix in the snow beginning to melt up at the pass with this frustrating weather, and you have a perfect storm (pun intended) for floods. Knowing the ins and outs of your Washington flood insurance policy is extremely important – do you know yours?

In Washington, flood insurance coverage is broken down in a couple different ways based on your location and flood history. There are obviously standard flood insurance policies, which state that if you live in a community that participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) you’re building and contents will be covered. However, if you’re in a low to moderate risk zone, you may qualify for an optional Preferred Risk Flood Insurance policy, which are much more low-cost than standard flood insurance policies. Now while you aren’t technically required to purchase this type of insurance, this type of policy will protect your home is affected by a flood (and in all honesty, many flood insurance claims occur in these “low” risk areas – so it’d be beneficial no matter what to obtain a policy).

With the weather we’ve been having lately, knowing how you’re protected in regards to your Washington flood insurance policy is extremely important. Your house flooding one of the most helpless feelings one can have – call Bell-Anderson today and prepare yourself in case disaster strikes.

Will the weather get better any time soon? Check out KOMO 4’s weather page here

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